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School of Business Management and Legal Studies

DIRECTOR : Dr. C. Ganesh  Professor, Department of Commerce, Kariavattom   ganesh_menon@yahoo.co.in   +91-471-2412179, +91-9387802520

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Commerce  Department of Law  Institute of Management in Kerala 

School of Communication & Library Science

DIRECTOR : Dr. Lalmohan P.  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication and Journalism, University of Kerala

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Communication and Journalism  Department of Library and Information Science 

School of Distance Education

DIRECTOR : Dr. R. Vasanthagopal   Professor and Director    director.ide@gmail.com   +91-9895018010

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : School of Distance Education 

School of Earth System Sciences

DIRECTOR : Dr. V. Salom Gnana Thanga  Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Kerala   salom@keralauniversity.ac.in   9447220009

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Geology  Department of Environmental Sciences 

School of English & Foreign Languages

DIRECTOR : Dr. B. Hariharan  Professor, Institute of English   harirang@gmail.com   +91-471-2386325, +91-9446203008

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Arabic  Department of Russian  Institute of English  Department of German 

School of Fine Arts

DIRECTOR : -Details Not Available- 


School of Indian Languages

DIRECTOR : Dr. S. Kunjamma  Associate Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Kerala   drskunjamma@yahoo.co.in   +91-471-2308469, +91-9400514982

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library  Department of Hindi  Department of Linguistics  Department of Malayalam  Department of Sanskrit  Department of Tamil 

School of Life Sciences

DIRECTOR : Dr. P. M. Radhamany  Professor, Department of Botany, University of Kerala   radhamany_m@rediffmail.com   9446215095

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries  Department of Botany  Department of Biotechnology  Department of Zoology  Department of Biochemistry  Department of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 

School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

DIRECTOR : Dr. V. Biju  Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Kerala   bijunano@gmail.com   0471-2308920

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Demography  Department of Physics  Department of Mathematics  Department of Statistics  Department of Chemistry 

School of Social Sciences

DIRECTOR : Dr. A. K. Prasad  Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Kerala   akprasad95@gmail.com   +91-471-2308309, +91-9495629580

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Archaeology  Department of Economics  Department of Psychology  Department of Sociology  Department of History  Department of Islamic Studies  Department of Political Science  Department of Philosophy  Department of Education 

School of Technology

DIRECTOR : Dr. S. Sankararaman  Professor, Department of Optoelectronics   drssraman@gmail.com   9447421844

DEPARTMENTS UNDER THIS SCHOOL : Department of Computer Science  Department of Future Studies  Department of Opto Electronics  Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics