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About the University of Kerala and its Consultancy Service Scheme

One of the first 16 Universities in India, the University of Kerala was founded as the University of Travancore in 1937. During the 7 decade since, the University of Kerala grew and shrunk physically and transformed itself in many ways. The earliest origins of the University may be traced back to two institutions of modern learning in Kerala, the University College, Thiruvananthapuram and the Trivandrum Observatory (The Trivandrum Observatory was founded in 1838 and had an internationally reputed scientist, John Caldecott FRS as its first Director -it is now the oldest institution under the Kerala University). In 2015, the University of Kerala was re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).At present, the University has sixteen faculties (subject groups) and forty one departments of teaching and research in addition to study centres and other Departments. The Departments are:

Science & Technology Departments:
Opto- electronics, Computer Science, ComputationalBiology & Bioinformatics, Futures Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Bio-chemistry, Bio-technology, Aquatic Biology & Fisheries, Environmental Sciences, Geology,Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, Demography

Social Sciences Departments:
Sociology, Political Science, Economics, History,Archaeology, Islamic Studies,Commerce, Managment, Education, Law, Library andInformation Sciences, Philosophy

Arts and Humanities Departments:
English, Russian, German, Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi,Sanskrit, Tamil, Linguistics, Oriental Research, Communication and Journalism, Music

It has 175 full ctime faculty members working in these Departments, most of whom are PhD holders. Technical officers and research fellows are also in service.

Teaching, research and knowledge extension are the mandates of the Departments. They primarily focus on post- graduate (masters) programmes, M.Phil programmes (1-year research degree) and doctoral research. The University Departments are mostly situated in the sprawling green campus in Karyavattom, adjacent to Technopark. The University has been publishing the Journal of Indian History, a prominent publication in the area since 1946. The Manuscript Library of the University is a treasure trove of Indian culture. The library has over 65,000 works in 30,000 copies mainly of palm leaf manuscripts, in addition to paper manuscripts, copper plates, birch bark etc. The University Library has a collection of 3.5 lakhs books and the Department libraries another 5 lakhs. The campus is wi-fi enabled. A sophisticated instrumentation and computation centre in addition to a central computing facility serves the whole university research.

All faculty members are encouraged to take up consultancy services individually or as Departmental work. The University has a scheme to enable its special infrastructure and expertise of its faculty and technical staff to offer specialized consultancy services to individuals and organizations. When the consultancy service does not involve use of University facilities, it is considered as individual consultancy and otherwise, institutional consultancy. A “University consultancy Cell” (UCC) chaired by the Vice-Chancellor processes all consultancy projects and the co-ordinater of the UCC is empowered to receive all approved consultancy funds and provide it to the consultant, cutting the red tape. All consultancy services are charged service tax (presently 15%).As the University of Kerala is a multidisciplinary University with Depts. specializing in 41 subjects, it is able to offera wide range of consultancy services, from plant identification to Arabic translation, from software development to social surveys, from medical image analysis to water testing. Recently, the University has set up a sophisticated Instrumentation Faculty enhancing its services further. In addition to professional consultancy, the University Depts. also welcome academic consultancy in the form of student projects etc. subject to its own requirements for serving its full time students. The University welcomes enquiries for consultancy services.

Recent Consultancy Clients
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