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BASG - Board for Adjudication of Students' Grievances

As per Chapter 36 of Kerala University First Statutes 1977, the Board For Adjudication of Students’ Grievances shall consist of;

  1. The Vice Chancellor as Chairman
  2. The Director of Students Services
  3. 3 members of whom one shall be a Principal of a college nominated by the Vice Chancellor from among the members of the Senate
  4. The Chairman of the University Students’ Union, if any
  5. Two Chairmen/ Chairpersons of the College Unions nominated by the Vice Chancellor
  6. Two members of whom one shall be a Principal of a college nominated by the Vice Chancellor from among the members of the Academic Council.

The term of a member of the board shall be 4 years from the date of his appointment. However, the term of the Chairmen/Chairpersons of the College Unions and the University Union Chairman shall be one year or till next persons are elected.

Term: The term of a member of the Board shall be four years from the date of his appointment.

Provided that the term of the Chairman of the Students’ Union and two Speakers of the College Union shall be one year or till new Speakers are elected in the concerned Colleges.

Casual Vacancies : Casual vacancies shall be filled up in the same manner as for the place that fell vacant was originally filled.

Receipt of or entertaining of complaint : Complaints shall ordinarily be sent to the Chairman through the University Union or the Principal of the college concerned. As soon as the Chairman receives any complaint seeking redressal of any grievance of the students of colleges he shall conduct a preliminary enquiry and if he finds it necessary he shall place it before the Board. The Board shall then decide whether the complaint should be entertained or not.

Procedure of the Board : After the Board has decided that a complaint filed before it should be entertained, it shall commence the enquiry at appointed time and place or on such other date to which the enquiry may be adjourned. At the enquiry the oral and documentary evidence on behalf of the complainant shall be first adduced and the authorities of the college or University, as the case may be, shall then be given an opportunity to adduce oral and documentary evidence. The complainant as also the authorities of the college or the University shall be allowed to file any supplementary statement in support of their case. The Board may at any stage of the examination of the witnesses put questions to them. After all the evidence is recorded, the Board, may, if necessary, allow the parties concerned to argue their case before the Board. After all the evidence and arguments have been heard the Board shall record its findings in respect of the complaint. The findings of the Board shall then be forwarded to the Syndicate by the Chairman of the Board for appropriate action.

The BASG was re-constituted vide UOs dated 21/11/15, and expanded by including two College Union Chairpersons vide UO dated 18/03/16 and a unified revised order was issued vide UO dated 28/07/16. Even though the tenure of the members in the Board from the category of members of the Academic Council Senate and DSS are for a period of 4 years from 21/11/15, as the Senate is dissolved and the powers of the Senate is now vested on the Syndicate and the Academic Council re-constituted and a new DSS appointed, the Board was re-constituted vide UO no. Ac B1/BASG/2019 dated 30-01-19.

  • Vice Chancellor (Chairman)
  • Sri. Siddik. R, Director of Students Services
  • Dr. K.B. Manoj, Member, Academic Council, Principal, Sree Narayana College, Cherthala
  • Dr. B. Unnikrishnan Nair, Member, Academic Council, Principal, Govt. College Kariavattom
  • Dr. K.R. Kavitha, Member, Syndicate/ Senate, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany, SN College, Chempazhanthy
  • Dr. Rajeshkumar. P, Member, Syndicate/ Senate, Dept. of Vedhantha, Govt. Sanskrit College, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Sri. Harikrishnan, Member, Syndicate/ Senate, Research student, Malayalam Dept., University of College, Thiruvananthapuram
  • As Dr. K.R. Kavitha, Dr. Rajesh Kumar P and Mr. Harikrishnan are no more members of the Syndicate, the BASG has only four members now. It is to be re-constituted when the Senate of the University is re-constituted.

    The BASG looked into many complaints from the students in affiliated colleges against their institutions and that from the colleges/ managements against the students as well and resolved the issues after making amicable settlements. It also takes resolutions as per the directions from the Hon’ble courts based on the complaints submitted by students before the court.

    Following are the recent issues settled by the BASG.

  • Submission by Sri. Nikhil Sadiq, expelled student-IXth Semester Five Year LLB , Govt. Law College, Thiruvananthapuram--to re-admit treating dismissal period as period of punishment-reg
  • Complaint from group of students at HHMSPB NSS College for Women-alleging harassment by the Principal-reg
  • Complaint against expulsion from college- Mr. Abhijith S L, Semester V - BSc Computer Science student- Emmanuel College, Vazhichal-reg
  • Grievance - Mr.Sarvatmajan A-Bsc Zoology- S N College, Chempazhanthy-Compulsory TC issued-reg
  • Grievance - Mr. Ajmal Nawas – S4 Computer Science- Immanuel College-Vazhichal- permission to continue studies-reg
  • Complaint- Mr.Pranoy S N- BA (CBCSS) History-Christian College- Kattakkada-denial of permission to attend classes
  • Complaint filed by Sri. Sajilkhan.H, candidate of 2nd semester LLM Degree Examination Novermber 2018- forwarded by the Principal – reg
  • Complaint submitted by Ms. Panjami.D, Ms. Harishma Sathyan, Ms. Reshma B.R and Ms. Aleena .S – denial of chance for participation in Kerala University Tennis team 2018-19 for South Zone Inter University tournament- reg.
  • Complaint against Dr. P.K. Somarajan, Sanskrit teacher- KUCTE, Kumarapuram- reg.
  • Complaint submitted by Sri. Saji kumar V.S., Elavin Kuzhiveedu, Vazhakadu, Pothencode P.O, against HoD, Sanskrit – reg.