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Commerce and Business Research.

Department : Department of Commerce

Frequency : Bi-annual

Editorial Board : Dr. C. Ganesh

Communication and Media Studies

Department : Department of Journalism and Communication

Frequency : Quarterly

Editorial Board : Members of Editorial Board are well-known media scholars/ academicians.

Heritage: Journal of Multi disciplinary Studies in Archaeology

ISSN : Three volumes published

Department : Department of Archaeology

Frequency : Annual

Editorial Board : Three Editors (25 members in Editorial Committee)


ISSN : Popline

Department : Department of Demography

Frequency : Bi-annual

Editorial Board : Editor: Dr. Mohana chandran Nair Asst. Editor: Dr.Anil Chandran S. Advisory board composed of 6 eminent Demographers from various Universities in India, USA, Botswana

Journal of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries

ISSN : ISSN 2321–340X

Department : Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries

Frequency : Bi-annual

Editorial Board : Editor-in-Chief Dr. A. Biju Kumar Editors Dr. Tresa Radhakrishnan Dr.K.Padmakumar Dr. Pramod Kiran, R.B.

Journal of Information Science and Technology (JIST)

Department : Depart ment of Library and Information Sciences

Frequency : Half yearly

Editorial Board : National Level Editorial Board

Journal of Manuscript studies (A bilingual journal -Sanskrit and Malayalam)

Department : Department of Manuscript

Frequency : Yearly

Editorial Board : Editor – HOD Joint Ediitors - Other faculty members

Journal of Polity and society

Department : Department of Political Science

Frequency : Peer reviewed bi-annual

Editorial Board : Head of Dept. is the ex. Officio editor of the Journal. All faculty members are on the Editorial Board. Editorial Advisory Board consists of the following eminent scholars from all over the world: Dr. Neera Chandhoke (Delhi University); Dr. G. Haragopal (University of Hyderabad) Dr. Ujjwal Singh (Delhi University) Dr.A.K.Ramakrishnan (JNU, New Delhi) Dr. T. V. Paul (McGill University, Canada) former Ambassador T. P. Sreenivasan (Kerala State Higher Education Council); Dr. Mussafar Assadi (University ofMysore); Dr. Ramu Manivannan (University of Madras); Dr. K. M. Seethi (Mahatma Gandhi University); Dr. Paul Brown (UNSW Sydney, Australia); Dr. Elizabeth C. Hanson (University of Connecticut, USA); Dr. Rajen Harshe (South Asian University, New Delhi); Dr. Vintila Mihailescu (SNSPA, Bucharest, Romania); Dr. Jeevan Kumar (Bangalore University); Dr. David Kideckel (Central Connecticut State University); Dr. Jakub Zajaczkowski (University of Warsaw)

Kerala University Journal of Legal Studies

Department : Department of Law

Frequency : Half yearly

Editorial Board : Editor is Head of the Dept. Associate editors are two senior faculty members. Panel of referees consisting of senior professors for selecting articles through blind review

Management Innovator

Department : Institute of Management in Kerala

Frequency : Bi-annual

Editorial Board : Academics and administrator

Pracheena kairali

Department : Department of Manuscript

Frequency : Yearly

Editorial Board : Editor – HOD Joint Ediitors - Other faculty members

Samyukta: A Journal of Women's Studies The New Frontier

Frequency : Bi-annual

Editorial Board : G.S. Jayasree (Editor). The Members of the Faculty with the Head of the Department as the Chief Editor

Shodh Darpan

ISSN : ISBN 2574 2347-8152

Department : Department of Hindi

Frequency : Annual

Editorial Board : Head of the Department as chief Editor and one senior most faculty member as editor

Studies in Education

Department : Department of Education

Frequency : Yearly