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Telephone Extension Numbers at University Office Campus

Vice Chancellor201PS to VC202VC's Section203
PS to PVC205DR AdmnI/II212DR Admn III/IV&AR Admn V214
AR Admn I216AR Admn II217AR Admn IV219
ADAV225Ad AVI226Ad BI230
Ad BII/Ad BIV(CP)231Ad DI235Ad DIII237
AdE238AdH241DR Academic II252
DR Academic III253AR Academic I254AR Academic III256
AR Academic IV257Ac AI259Ac AII260
Ac AIII261Ac AIV262Ac AV/Ac L263
Ac BI264Ac BII265Ac C266
Ac D267Ac E III270Ac E VI273
DPD300PA to DPD/AR Planning I301DR Planning302
AR Planning303Planning A304Planning D/B307
Planning G309JR Finance353AR Finance I356
AR Audit357AR Audit & Pension360Finance I363
Finance III366Audit I368Audit II/III/IIIA370
Audit V/Audit VI372Accounts VI A(Pension)/ Accounts VI B(Pension)376EE V/ED VII404
ED I/ED I(a)/ED XVI406ED XVIII413EG VI/VI(a)/VI(b)414
EG I/EGI (a)/EG I(b)/LLB417EJ III/EJ IX427EK I/EA I461
Exam Store480AR B.Ed/Annual Scheme492AR LLB493
Syndicate Member's Room- Sri.Ajikumar508Syndicate Member's Room- Sri. B. P. Murali510Publications/Publications store524
Estate Officer530Main Entrance534Security Officer535
Security Room536Exchange200