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Sealed competitive tenders superscribing the name of work are invited from registered contractors of appropriate class of registration in PWD/CPWD for the following works so as to reach the same in the office of the Registrar, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram by Registered post / Speed post not later than 2.00 pm on 03/02/2021. Tenders will be opened at 2.30 pm on 03/02/2021 in the presence of the contractors or their authorized agents. If the tender date is declared as a holiday, they will be received and opened on the next working day at the same time. The firm period of tender is four months from the date of tender. Submission of tender through courier service will not be accepted.

Sl.No.Name of work with PACEMD Rs.Time of completionCost of documentsDate of submission
1 Rain water harvesting balance work for cleaning well, providing pump set & water supply connections, providing grill cover and beautifications around the well at SH Campus.
PAC Rs. 3,28,542/-
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Rs.5,000/- 30 days Rs. 700/- 03.02.2021
2 Relaying of dismantled tiles from the Platinum Jubilee Indoor Court at SH campus to GV Raja gymnasium, women’s fitness centre and Health Club at Kariavattom Campus.
PAC Rs. 2,64,601/-
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Rs.4,000/- 30 days Rs.560/- 03.02.2021
3 Maintenance works of ruined RCC columns and beams in the exterior side of the Botany block building at Kariavattom Campus.
PAC Rs. 2,19,746/-
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Rs.3,300/- 45 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
4 Renovation of vehicle shed in front of the Faculty Guest House building at SH campus.
PAC Rs. 1,96,614/-
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Rs.3,000/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
5 Providing protective measures to prevent the entry of snakes in the Women’s Research Hostel at Kariavattom campus.
PAC Rs. 1,80,436/-
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Rs.2,800/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
6 Renovation of the shuttle court, providing sitting bench, levelling yard, covering slabs above the side drain in the Researcher’s Men’s Hostel at Kariavattom Campus (Retender).
PAC Rs. 1,77,055/-
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Rs.2,700/- 60 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
7 Construction of RCC culvert in the boundary near Hymavathy paddy field at Kariavattom Campus.
PAC Rs. 88,917/-
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Rs.1,400/- 45 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
8 Making cupboard facilities in the Finance Officer’s room at SH campus.
PAC Rs. 87,755/-
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Rs.1,400/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
9 Urgent repair and reconstruction of collapsed boundary wall behind Centre for Performing and Visual Arts Block and end portion of Hymavathy pond at Kariavattom Campus. (Retender)
PAC Rs. 74,678/-
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Rs.1,200/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
10 Preventive maintenance, wiring for the light and fan points at corridor, toilets in new valuation camp at old SDE building at SH campus.
PAC Rs. 2,46,375/-
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Rs.3,700/- 45 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
11 Electrical Works for Language Laboratory of Hindi Department in ONV Memorial school of Indian Languages at Kariavattom Campus. (Retender)
PAC Rs. 1,74,082/-
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Rs.2,700/- 45 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
12 Electrical works for the installation of air conditioners in the research wing of Kerala University Library –Vertical Extension to the Kerala University Library at Palayam. (Retender)
PAC Rs. 1,01,444/-
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Rs.1,600/- 45 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
13 Procurement of lighting fixtures to electrical store for replacement at various departments at Kariavattom campus.
PAC Rs. 88,707/-
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Rs.1,400/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021
14 Air conditioning Works for Language Laboratory of Hindi Department in ONV Memorial school of Indian Languages at Kariavattom Campus (Retender)
PAC Rs. 2,18,130/-
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Rs.3,300/- 30 days Rs.525/- 03.02.2021

General tender documents and tender schedule can be downloaded in A4 size plain paper from the website www.keralauniversity.ac.in . Duly filled up and signed tender schedule along with general tender documents and separate demand drafts towards cost of tender (including G.S.T) and EMD, self attested copy of valid contract license and post qualification details should be sent to the Registrar, University of Kerala, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram by Registered post/ speed post, so as to reach before the date and time specified. Separate demand drafts drawn in favour of the University Engineer towards cost of tender form and EMD from any approved bank should be furnished along with the tender; otherwise the tender will be summarily rejected. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without any reason whatsoever.

Dated: 19.01.2021