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Deans of Faculties

Prof. Manoj Changat
Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
Professor, Department of Futures Studies
University of Kerala, Kariavattom Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9446967394
Email : mchangat@keralauniversity.ac.in
Dr. Meena T. Pillai
Faculty of Arts
Professor, Institute of English
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9495919749
Email : meenatpillai@gmail.com

Dr. R. Sree Kumar
Faculty of Ayurveda & Siddha
Professor & Head
Government Ayurveda College Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9447318112
Email : drrsreekumar@yahoo.com

Dr. Gabriel Simon Thattil
Faculty of Commerce
Professor & Head, Dept. of Commerce
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : +91 9496275305
Email : simon.thattil@gmail.com

Dr. Anita Balan
Faculty of Dentistry
Principal, Government Dental College
Phone : 9447800944
Email : anitabalan4@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Bindu R. L.
Faculty of Education
Professor & Head, Department of Education
University of Kerala
Phone : 9947323222
Email : binduindraneelam@gmail.com

Dr. K. A. Shafi
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
T. K. M. College of Engineering Kollam
Phone : 9447462274
Email : shafika.tkm@gmail.com

Dr. Sunil V. T.
Faculty of Fine Arts
Associate Professor and Head
Sri. Swathi Thirunal College of Music Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9447817033
Email : sunilvtmilu@gmail.com

Faculty of Homoeopathy

Prof. Bismi Gopalakrishnan
Faculty of Law
Professor and Former Head, School of Indian Legal Thought
Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam

Dr. R. Vasanthagopal
Faculty of Management Studies
Professor & Director, School of Distance Education
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9895018010
Email : vasanthagopa1r@gmail.com

Faculty of Medicine

Dr. S. Shifa
Faculty of Oriental Studies
Professor and Head, Department of Malayalam
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 0471-2308459
Email : drsshifa1@gmail.com

Dr. Usha Sujit Nair
Faculty of Physical Education
Associate Professor
Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education [LNCPE] Kariavattom P O, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9745827790
Email : ushasujit0@gmail.com

Prof. S.M.A. Shibli
Faculty of Science
Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : +91 8547067230
Email : smashibli@yahoo.com

Dr. Manju S. Nair
Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor, Department of Economics
University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Phone : 9495513584
Email : meetmanjunaidu@yahoo.com