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Department of Geology (Established in : 1963)

Library details of Department of Geology

The Dept of Geology library is part of the extensive library system of the University of Kerala details here

The University's e-resources are extensive and includes access to journals from all major STEM publishers, to theses, reports, e-books, the whole gamut of e-resources. Refer this pdf for a quick glance at what is available.

I. Total Stock - 5005 books and back volumes of many foreign journals like AJS, Bull GSA, Econ Geol, Sed Geol, Geology etc. MSc, MPhil and PhD theses are also available for reference. An online catalogue of the holdings will be available soon. Users from other departments and organizations/colleges are welcome to refer to to the collections in the library. A gist of the stock is

1. Total Number of Books as per the accession register (up to Nov 2017) :  5005

2. Total Number of titles (excluding multiple copies):  4784

3. Total Number of Subject Books :  4895 

II. Books related to all areas of earth science are available:

1. Mineralogy
2. Crystallography
3. Petrology
4. Soil science
5. Sedimentology
6. Structural geology
7. Physical geology
8. Earthquakes
9. Volcanoes
10. Geomorphology
11. Climatology
12. Meteorology
13. Oceanography
14. Stratigraphy & Historical Geology
15. Indian Geology
16. Precambrian Geology
17. Economic Geology
18. Petroleum Geology
19. Mining Geology
20. Palaeontology
21. Geo statistics
22. Engineering Geology
23. GIS & Remote sensing
24. Hydrogeology
25. Hydrology & Watershed Management
26. Environmental geology
27. Geophysics
28. Geochemistry

Current Journal subscriptions: 3 Indian (Current Science, Journal of Geological Society of India, Journal of Earth System Science) & 2 Foreign (Geochemical Perspectives & Elements)

III. Librarian: Renjith VR (Email: renjithliber@gmail.com) Google citations page link

IV. Status of Books listing: Soft copy in excel file.

V. Services: Book lending & Reference

VI. List of books purchased in 2015 or about to be purchased  list 1  list 2 suggestions to this newbookslist

(book suggestions could also be mailed to geo.pradeep@keralauniversity.ac.in)

VII. List of books purchased in 2016 pdf

VIII. E-books available through the central library (no geology !): E-books