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Department of Geology (Established in : 1963)

Consultancy Details

Consultancy services possible to be offered by faculty members of Department of Geology

Introduction: The Dept of Geology has eight faculty members (including two UGC recharge faculty) and one Emeritus fellow. The specilaizations range from pure geology to applied geology to environmental sciences and climate change. The mean age of the faculty is 44 years. The areas of possible consultancy are listed below:

Shaji E

  • Water resource management, locating bore wells and dug wells for govt, semi government and companies. Preparation of water budget plan and consultancy for rainwater harvesting.

  • Resistivity survey for identification of sub surface lithology and fractures

  • Prepartion of village wise water security plan and solving drinking water problem

  • EIA studies for developmental projects

  • Collaborative drinking water related consultancy proposed with external agencies

Rajesh Reghunath

  • Water conservation and artificial recharging of groundwater resources

Ajit Govind

  • Carbon sequestration - Simulation of carbon and water cycles using numerical models, use of remote sensing, measurements of carbon, water and energy fluxes using micrometeorological techniques. Various aspects of climate change issues

  • Regional hydrology-Simulation of water cycle using distributed ecohydrological models, measurement of hydrological fluxes

  • Remote sensing- physics and application of remote sensing to retrieve landsurface biophysical parameters in the optical, thermal and microwave domains.

  • GIS- Development of Decision Support systems for socioeconomic, academic and industrial applications

  • Modeling Platform development Development of modeling platforms and GUIs for various academic and industrial applications.

Jyothi Kumari

  • GIS- For socioeconomic, academic and industrial applications

  • Soil Quality Assessment: for agricultural, urban and environmental sensitive areas. A soil analysis laboratory is at the disposal to undertake such assignments.

Sajin Kumar KS

  • Satellite image interpretation

  • Dam break analysis

SN Kumar

  • Mineral and rock identification, geological mapping and training for geological mapping, geochemical studies

AP Pradeepkumar

  • Training in Free and Open Source Software including GIS, statistical analyses

  • Copyediting and typesetting for professional industry-standard publication of books and journals, in LATEX

  • Geological mapping, reserve estimation of ores

  • Training in Disaster Management approaches and practises (in association with the NGO CHAERT)

  • REE analyses using the ICPMS and Isotope dating using the LAICPMS (at SICC)

Analytical capabilities

  • Resistivity Meter, Infiltrometer

  • Remote sensing data products, Proprietory and FOSS GIS labs.

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) for elemental analyses of various media

  • UV VIS spectrometer

  • Fume hood with HF HNO3 based digestion and solution preparation of rocks, minerals and refractories, well equipped chemical lab to analyse rock and water samples, material characterisation.

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