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Department of Statistics (Established in : 1945)

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List of Selected Publications of the Faculty Members
Dr. P. Yageen Thomas

1. Estimation of location and scale parameters of a distribution by U-statistics based on best linear functions of order statistics (Co-author, N.V. Sreekumar) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138, 2190-2200, 2008

2. Applications of concomitants of order statistics in characterizing bivariate distributions (Co-author Veena T.G.). Statistics and Probability Letters, 78, 3350-3354, 2008.

3. Estimation of the parameters of log-gamma distribution using order statistics (Co-author, N.V. Sreekumar) Metrika, 66, 115-127, 2007.

4. Applications of order statistics of independent and non-identically distributed random variables (Co-author, N. K. Sajeevkumar). Communications in Statistics:Theory and Methods, 34, 775-783, 2005.

Dr. C. Satheesh Kumar

(i) A new class of discrete distributions, Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics (to appear), 23, 49-56, 2009.

(ii) A unified approach to bivariate discrete distributions, Metrika, 67, 113-123, 2008.

(iii) Some properties of bivariate generalized hypergeometric probability distributions, Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, 36, 1-7, 2007.

(iv) On Extended hypergeometric distribution, Statistics and Probability Letters 59, 1-7, 2002 . Dr. Manoj Chacko

(i) Estimation of a parameter of Morgenstern type bivariate exponential distribution byranked set sampling. (With P. Yageen Thomas) Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics, 60, 301-318, 2008.

(ii) Estimation of parameters of bivariate normal distribution using concomitants of record values. (With P. Yageen Thomas) Statistical Papers, 49, 263-275, 2008.

(iii) Estimation of a parameter of bivariate Pareto distribution by ranked set sampling.(With P. Yageen Thomas) Journal of Applied Statistics, 34, 703-714, 2007.

(iv) Concomitants of record values arising from Morgenstern type bivariate logistic distribution and some of their applications in parameter estimation. (With P. YageenThomas) Metrika, 64, 317-331, 2006.

Dr. E. I. Abdul Sathar

(i) Lorenz Curve and Some Characterization Results (With K.R.Muraleedharan Nair). Journal of Statistical Theory and Application,1, 85-92, 2009.

(ii) A vector valued bivariate Gini-index for Truncated Distributions (With Suresh, R.P and Nair, K.R.M.). Statistical Papers, 48, 4, 543-557, 2007.

(iii) Estimation of Pareto Survival Function in the Presence of Outlying Observations(With Jeevanand, E.S.). Economic Quality Control, 21, 165 –174, 2006.

(iv) Bayesian estimation of Lorenz curve, Gini-index and variance of logarithms in Pareto distribution (With Jeevanand, E.S. and Nair, K.R.M,), STATISTICA, 2, 193-205,2005. York LII, 45-50 (2007)