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Department of Statistics (Established in : 1945)

Research details of Department of Statistics

This department is well-known for its research contributions in core areas of Statistics as well as its involvement in applied work relating to Agriculture, Socio Economic and Medical Problems in and around Kerala. Prof.U.S. Nair after taking Ph. D under the Guidance of one of the then most eminent Statistician Prof. E. S. Pearson, University of London returned to Kerala and founded this department of Statisitcs way back in 1945. His theoretical contributions made to Statistics during his service in this University form some of the basic and fundamental discoveries in Statistics. Dr. (Miss) Aleyamma George then assumed the charge as Head of the department during 1957 and contributed much in the field of Vital Statistics. Prof. R. N. Pillai after his acquired experience in research and teaching from various Universities of USA joined in this department in 1982 and he has done some pioneering research works. Starting from characterization problems, Prof. R. N. Pillai branched into limit theorems, semi-stable laws, geometric infinite divisibility, stochastic processes and time series modeling. During his tenure as a Professor in this department Dr. T. V. Ramanathan and Dr. K. Jayakumar were awarded by the International Statistical Institute (The Netherlands) their Jan Timberjan Young Statistician Awards for the years 1993 and 1995 respectively.

Dr. T. S. K. Moothathu is another well-known teacher of this department and made an imprint in the research history of this department by publishing about 40 papers in research areas like "Inequality measures", "Point Estimation" and "Distribution Theory".

With the above rich heritage acquired on Research, the department is still moving forward in research with some emerging new areas of Statistics namely "Order Statistics", "Distribution Theory", "Ranked Set Sampling" and "Reliability Studies". The details are given below.

A. Order Statistics

Department of Statistics, University of Kerala is the lone centre among all Universities and National Institutes in India where research output of high quality to the extent of 50 outstanding papers get published on Order Statistics. At present three faculty members of this Department viz., Dr.P.Yageen Thomas, Dr.Manoj Chacko, G.Lesitha are working in Order Statistics and related areas. Some of the theories developed from this centre are recurrence relation on the moments of the order statistics arising from arbitrary distributions, recurrence relations on the moments of order statistics arising from specific as well as some broad families of distributions, general theories on estimation of parameters of distributions by order statistics, estimation of location and scale parameters by order statistics of several unattempted distributions, concomitants of order statistics, applications of concomitants of order statistics in estimation of parameters of distributions, applications of concomitants of record values in estimating the parameters of a distribution and Ranked set sampling and its applications in parametric estimation. Recently from this centre the theory of U-statistics based on best linear function of order statistics as kernel has been developed and these theories have removed all mathematical intractability once existed with such estimation procedure. The research extension of the derivation of U-statistics to several life-distributions are being tried further from this centre.

B. Distribution Theory

One of the faculty members Dr. C. Satheesh Kumar and his research students of this department are working in the field of Distribution Theory, a major area of research in Statistics. Recently, the study of generalized classes of discrete distributions have received a great attention in the literature due to its wide applicability in several areas of research such as Ecology, Biology, Genetics, Physics, Operations Research etc. Some such classes of discrete distributions are originated from this department recently. Further studies in this direction as well as in the inferential and application aspects of such distributions are being carried out.

C. Reliability and Life Testing

One of the faculty members Dr.E.I.Abdul Sathar is working in the field of Reliability and Life testing, which is an important area finding applications in industry. Recently the author has developed several results characterizing life time models using well known reliability measures such as residual entropy, geometric vitality function, total time on test transform and inequality measures like Lorenz curve and Gini-index. Further studies in the above direction are being taken up with an objective of generating more and more useful results in the field of Reliability.

The following are the links / contact details of supervising teachers attached to this Dept./Centre.

Dr. P. Yageen Thomas

Dr. C. Satheesh Kumar

Dr. Manoj Chacko

Dr. E. I. Abdul Sathar