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Department of Statistics (Established in : 1945)

About Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics, University of Kerala is the second oldest University teaching department in India and is committed to advancing knowledge and learning through teaching and research in Statistics. The Department offers M.Sc degree programme in Statistics, M.Phil in Statistics and research leading to Ph.D degree.

The Department of Statistics has been identified by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of Indiaunderits 'FIST' Programme.

The post-graduate Department of Statistics, University of Kerala is the second oldest center in India and has played a crucial role in the dissemination of advanced knowledge in Statistics and in the propagation of the studies in Statistics. The department has celebrated its Golden Jubilee during 1995. Apart from imparting training in advanced topics of Statistics to its students, the department has been also catering the Statistical requirements of the Govt. of Kerala. During 1950's the founding Professor of this department Dr. U.S. Nair had streamlined the Statistical system in Kerala State by organizing and founding the well known "Bureau of Economics and Statistics" which is known presently as "Directorate of Economics and Statistics" of the Govt. of Kerala.

The Department of Statistics, University of Kerala has the prestige of producing world-renowned Statisticians like late Prof. K.C.S. Pillai of Purdue University, U.S.A.; Prof. A.M. Mathai of McGill University, Canada; Prof. Thomas Mathew of University of Maryland, U.S.A. Prof. E.M. Paul of ISI Calcutta, Prof. P. Krishnan of Alberta University, Canada, Prof. C.M. Sucheendran of University of North Carolina, USA, Prof. Vijayan of University of Australia, Dr. Zacharia, K., Demographer, World Bank and several others. One of the contributions of Prof. K.C.S. Pillai (an alumni and a former faculty member of this department) is known in the literature as Pillai’s Trace a very powerful and extensively used Multivariate test statistic. Mathai and Moschopoulos’s multivariate gamma distribution is another well-known multivariate distribution named after our alumni Prof. A.M. Mathai.

The Department is well known for its theoretical contributions in Distribution Theory, Time Series Modeling, Study of Inequality Measures, Point Estimation etc. The present expertise available in the Department are in the areas: Order Statistics, Distribution Theory, Characterization Problems, Concomitants of Order Statistics, Ranked Set Sampling and Reliability Theory. In the last 5 years more than 35 papers have been published in referred International / national journals in Statistics.

Students Life

Students prefer the Dept. of Statistics, University of Kerala as a centre for the post graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D studies because of the ideal environment available in this Dept. Students are encouraged to mingle freely with the teachers and if discuss their problems (both personnel and academic). This creates a high confidence among the students to pursue their studies in this Department. Even after leaving the course they are associated with the activities of the Department through Alumni Association the Department. Several Students have contributed generously for the institution of several prizes such as Prof. R. N. Pillai Best Paper Award, Prof. Jacob Sundara Raja Best Paper Award, and Prof. (Miss) Aleyamma George Best Paper Award which are given to the new generation students of this Department.

Special features

This Department is imparting PG course under credit and semester system (CSS). Recently this Department has been identified by the Department of Science and Technology, New-Delhi under its FIST programme. Historical importance of this Department is that it is the 2nd oldest PG Department in India. It was founded under the report of a special committee including P.C.Mahalnobis of ISI Calcutta as a member.