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Department of Physics (Established in : 1970)

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Recent Publications

1.    Vipin C Bose and V Biju, “Structure, cation valence states and electrochemical properties of nanostructured Mn3O4” Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 35, 1-9, (2015).

2.     G Madhu and V Biju, “Nanostructured amorphous nickel oxide with enhanced antioxidant activity”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 637, 62-69, (2015).

3.     Vipin C Bose and V Biju, “Mixed valence nanostructured Mn3O4 for supercapacitor applications”, Bulletin of Materials Science, 38, 865-873, (2015).

4.     Vipin C Bose and V Biju, “Defect dependant optical, electrical and magnetic properties of nanostructured Mn3O4”, Superlattices and Microstructures (Elsevier), 88, 287-298, (2015).

5.     Vipin C Bose and V Biju, “Optical, electrical and magnetic properties of nano structured Mn3O4 synthesized through a facile chemical route”, Physica E  66, 24-32, (2015).

6      G Madhu, K Maniammal, V Biju “Defect induced ferromagnetic interaction in nanostructured nickel oxide with core–shell magnetic structure: the role of Ni2+ and O 2− vacancies” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (17), 12135-12148 (2016).

7.     M Vinod, V Biju, K G Gopchandran “Studies on plasmon characteristics and the local density of states of Au and Ag based nanoparticles”  Superlattices and Microstructures 89, 369-377 (2016).

8.     M. Rakhi, G. Subodh G “Rareearth titano-silicates for high k gate dielectric applications”

Ceramics International 42, 10886 (2016).

9.     S. Sreedhar, N. Illyaskutty, S. Sreedhanya, R. Philip, C. I. Muneera “An organic dye

   polymer (phenol red poly (vinyl alcohol) composite structure architecture toward

   tunable optical and saturable absorption characteristics” Journal of Applied Physics

   119 193106 (2016).