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Department of Education

Contact Details :
Dr.Bindu R L
Associate Professor & Head of the Department
Tel: 0471-2304718(O), 9947323222 (Mob.)

E mail - binduindraneelam@gmail.com

The Department of Education was started in 1956 and with the launch of Ph.D. programme it became one of the earliest University Departments in India to do so. The department has been recognized by the UGC for its high standards of teaching and research and has been identified for the DSA scheme (1986), as National Centre for Curriculum Development in Education (1986) and for instituting ASARCO fellowship (1988).

The department has a library with 20,000 volumes with 1,500 theses making it a reference center for students from all over the country. The psychology lab (Faculty i/c : Dr BINDU D.) in the Department has about 150 research tools developed by the researchers under the supervision of their guides. The department provides extension and consultancy services mainly in Curriculum

Development and Evaluation procedures within the state and outside. It has a very strong Ph.D. programme. The Centre for Educational Technology attached to the Department has a video laboratory and a learning lab. UGC grants have been availed for the different projects undertaken by the department. It has conducted over 30 state, national and international seminars. In addition, it has completed six research projects. Two more projects are ongoing. The Department is linked with SCERT, NCERT, Kerala State Higher Education Council and the like bodies in the Design and try out of curricular reforms.

Study Centres attached to the Department

Curriculum Development Centre (Hon Director: Dr BINDU R L.)

Centre for Educational Technology ( Hon Director: Dr THERESA SUSAN A.)

Centre for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (Hon Director: Dr GEETHA JANET VITUS.)

Courses offered


M.Phil. (Education)

Ph.D. (Full time & part time)