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Department of Philosophy (Established in : 1985)


Philosophy is the successful love of thinking which bring analytic clarity both to the questions and answers it raises. To a certain extent it demystifies concepts and brings clear foundation for novel, creative and scientific temper. Philosophical thinking is guided by principles of logic and ideals of precision in thought and argumentation. When the gap between theory and practice widens, when the gap between ideal and actual sharpens or when the gap between dream and reality grows up a synthetic view is called for. Such a synthesis nullifies contradictions and paradoxes to bring a unified, integral and perfect attitude in all spheres of life. The academic aim of the discipline is to achieve this end and the curricula of the Dept. is designed in such a way to realise it. The basic theoretical aspects of all philosophies are widely discussed along with its applied area in M.Phil. and postgraduate programmes. Philosophical counseling is one such area where the problems are resolved by a wider perspective with a view to develop an integral personality.  It equips the individual to look at the world with a new outlook with positivism, pragmatism and altruism. The discussions, seminars and debates conducted in the dept. are aimed to achieve this end which will definitely help students and scholars to lead an unbiased life with a spirit of optimism. Research programmes and post-doctoral research projects are mainly focusing on social, legal, ethical or ecological dimensions which are of contemporary relevance.

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