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Centre for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (CLDD)

Hon. Director: Dr. Geetha Janet Vitus
Phone : 0471 2304718, 9995283337
Email: clddkuedudept.@gmail.com

The University has its Centre for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties (CLDD) in the Department of Education which is one of the pioneering centres specializing in educational research as well as extension activities in the area of special education. It aims at preparing individualized holistic educational programmes for managing LD, availing the service of specialist psychologists and speech language pathologists as consultants at the Centre.

The Centre creates awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities and other general issues concerning disabilities and assists disabled graduates to gain successful employment in the public as well as private sector. E-content development for the differently abled is one of the agendas of the special Centre. The Centre also aims at the holistic development of the student with disability and develops assessment tests for various learning difficulties and Individual Educational plans (IEP) for children with disabilities using modern technological advancements.

At present, the Centre is actively involved in preparing and equipping the teachers for early identification of learning difficulties and gives them training in enhancing the learning potential of the disabled children. It develops holistic strategies for the differently abled children to cope with their specific problems. The Centre intends to widen its scope by developing educational, psychological intervention strategies for correcting disorders of the various categories of learning difficulties.

The department offices, class rooms and main laboratories and libraries are arranged as far as possible, on the ground floor and accessible by wheel chair. A ramp for wheel chair is provided at the entrance of department blocks according to the design of the building. Special toilets are also in place for the support of the physically challenged, and this facility has been created from the Infrastructure development grant of UGC.