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Department of German (Established in : 1961)

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Department of German, University Office Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram

The Department of German, University of Kerala is a premier centre of German language learning in India. At present we are the only University Department of German in South India to offer the study of Germanistics at the Post Graduate and Doctoral level. With the increasing of job opportunities related to German Language students who wish to take up jobs in the field of German are absorbed in various German companies in India. And many of our former students are at present working in Germany. Though not known to the university community here due to lack of inter departmental rapport, the faculty of the Department of German are held in high esteem by the faculties of the subject in all the Indian universities. The department has, perhaps with the exception of M.S University, Baroda, the most number of students in the beginners’ courses of the language. The number of students in the postgraduate courses, when compared with other subjects in this university is obviously much less, but is equal, if not more, to any PG in German in other Indian universities. We are publishing an academic journal which coordinates the scholarly pursuit of all the teachers of Germanistics in India. The faculty is invited regularly for academic conferences inside as well as outside India, and whenever a teacher attended such a conference, they have made it meaningful by presenting papers. Professors of Germanistics from various German universities pay visits to the department to interact with the students and teachers and conduct lectures which updates our knowledge in this field. The department has taken care to acquire most modern electronic equipments to augment its language teaching. The library with its 10850 valuable books is the biggest of its kind in India.