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A Center named Intellectual Property Management & Industrial Consultancy Centre (IPM-ICC) is being established in the University. All Intellectual Property related and consultancy related activities of the University of Kerala are to be brought under the proposed Center, which has the following mandates.

The Kerala University IP Policy has been proposed as follows:

The University of Kerala recognizes the importance of generation of intellectual property by teachers and students and it shall do all that is within its powers and obligations to encourage increased creativity and innovation which will lead to generation of IP.

As a public institution funded by public money, the University of Kerala attaches prime importance to disseminate the knowledge it generates to the people, both locally and internationally. In case of a decision to patent an invention, the University of Kerala does not consider it as going against the principle of free knowledge dissemination, as the University would be able to, under social control, reinvest any share of return from the licensing of the patent to further the case of IP generation and knowledge dissemination.

The University of Kerala would encourage its teachers and students to take considered decision on a case by case basis to decide upon the use of the intellectual properties generated by the university. In case of inventions, this will involve a major discussion by the student and/or the teacher - "to publish or patent". In the case of publication, every effort should be made by the student and the teacher to consider an open access publication, provided other scholarly considerations are not compromised. This will ensure that results of public funded research are freely accessible to the public, without any barriers.

The University of Kerala recognizes the need to educate and empower its teachers and students to encourage them to generate and manage IP as per the policies of the University.

Patent : Dr. K.N. Rajasekharan, Department of Chemistry - NO. 8,158,806B2 2012 >> Read Here <<

IP Cell

With so many researchers at work, the University has much intellectual wealth that needs to be safeguarded from manipulations and to be used for the betterment of the society at large. For this an Intellectual Property Cell is functioning under the University to facilitate patenting of discoveries by the highly industrious and dedicated researchers of the University.

The Major Objectives of the IP Cell includes